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January 29, 2007
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   Author here yes anything in ( ) is a side note from me. Ok so let’s begin.

    Naruto had brought Sasuke back from Orochimaru and soon after he confessed his feelings for Sasuke; Sasuke then explained to Naruto that he felt the same way (those feelings, DUH, it’s love). But Sasukes fan club refused to accept that he was gay, so they still chased after him.

   Sasuke and Naruto are taking a stroll through the less crowded part of Kohana. They have been dating for about 3 months’ now and, unfortunately, the idiotic fan girls still refuse to believe that Sasuke is gay.

   “We should have ramen tonight.” Naruto said, holding Sasuke’s hand.    

    “No way!” Sasuke snapped, “You eat way too much of that crap. Tonight we’re going to have a healthy, non-ramen oriented dinner.”

     “Wha…but why?” Naruto moaned.

     “I just said that, idiot!” Sasuke yelled.

     “Well” Naruto started to say, but was interrupted by the loud roar of fan girls.

     “SASUKE!” they screamed, causing Sasuke and Naruto to release each others hands to cover their, practically, bleeding ears.

     “Oh crap! Here they come.” Sasuke stated.

     Naruto quickly grabbed Sasukes arm and shouted “Run!”

      The fan girls ran towards them maliciously, hitting or pushing everyone out of the way. Good thing they were in the quieter part of town or there would’ve been a high death rate the way these girls were charging.
      “God, don’t you people ever give up?” Sasuke yelled towards them. The sound of Sasuke’s voice only made them run faster.

      “Are you trying to out run them or just egg ‘em (them, if you don’t get ‘em) on?” Naruto yelled at Sasuke. ‘Their!” Naruto thought then he shoved Sasuke into a small alley jumping in right behind him.

      The stampede of fan girls ran right passed them (either they can’t stop or they’re hysterical and think Sasuke is in front of them).

      “Man!” Sasuke said in relief, “That was a close one.” As he tried to move he realized that Naruto and himself were stuck in the alley. Sasuke’s hands were sandwiched between his chest and the wall. He tried to push his hands against the wall so that he could push himself out of the alley.

   “OW!” Naruto screeched, “What are you doing, trying to squash me?”

  “No!” Sasuke replied in the same tone as Naruto, “I’m stuck and my hands are sandwiched between the wall and me. So I tried to push against the wall to get free.” Sasuke lowered his voice and muttered in disappointment, “But that didn’t work.”

   “Oh, well…don’t try that again. My back is already practically glued to this wall, I can’t get loose either.” Naruto stated.

    “Well are your hands free?” Sasuke asked.

     “Hmm, uh...ya. Why?”

     “Use a jutsu of some kind and get us out of here.” Sasuke demanded.

      “Hmm.” Naruto pondered.

      “What are you waiting for? Get us” But Sasuke was cut off as he felt something press upon his shoulder.

       “I don’t know?” Naruto hissed into Sasukes ear, “I kinda like these positions.” Naruto had a perverted grin on his face.

        “Oh No, Naruto!” Sasuke said in a rather stern voice. He turned his head in the opposite direction of Naruto’s head that was resting on Sasuke’s shoulder; trying to hide the blush on his face. “Not her-”

       He was cut off again, but this time it was because he felt a sucking sensation tingling his neck. He tried to shrug it off and continue his lecture but he just couldn’t (Sasuke’s getting horny). “Nar…” Sasuke tried, “Naru..”

      “Do you want me to stop?” Naruto whispered in a sexy tone, Naruto lifted his head from Sasukes neck and whispered his question into Sasukes ear.

     Sasuke’s whole body was tingling now, and not being able to move just didn’t help his situation. “Uh…I...” Sasuke stuttered out with his face now beaming red.

     ‘That means he liked it’ Naruto thought to himself. Naruto then continued on leaving hickie marks all over Sasukes neck (no objection from Sasuke). He then began to move his hands, feeling Sasukes perfect muscle toned body.

     ‘I have to stop this’ Sasuke thought as he tried to hold some dignity not wanting to be the Uke, ‘I have to…’ But his thoughts were trailed off as Naruto’s hands reached down (OK you can just guess were his hands went).

     Sasuke and Naruto stayed in the alley until they finally ran out of energy and were in need of some food. “Alright guess we should get out of here.” Naruto stated.
    “Huh?” Sasuke added, “Oh. Yeah.”

    Naruto concentrated his chakra and turned into a girl and let Sasuke slide out of the alley first. Then Naruto transformed back into his normal self and he and his lover grabbed hands and began to walk down the still quiet street of Kohana.

    “We should go out for ramen.” Naruto suggested.

    “I already said that we aren’t eating that!” Sasuke reminded his blond lover in an irritated voice.

     ‘He’s just mad because he was the Uke.’ Naruto thought to himself and let out a slight giggle.

     “What?” Sasuke asked curiously.

     “Nothing.” Naruto said playfully.

The End.
YAY! a narusasu fanfic. (i like both sasunaru and narusasu). as long as their together. :D

Well i am giving myself props for getting out of my writers block :bow: YAY! me! :boogie:

also if you don't like to read about guy scenes might not wanna read this (hickies, big whoop).

Anywho i don't own any of these characters. (still wishing on the star though....Disney lied.) (no i love you disney)

Wow got off topic, my bad. ^^; WELP ENJOY! :boogie: :boogie:
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